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Division & Function

Main duty: 
1, Assists NBSMC' s director to manage organ's routine, Coordinating the work-relationship within every division (office) and the brother's Unit, transmission any affair-information well at higher levels known to lower levels and below known to those above. 
2, Responsible for the work of drafting the comprehensive characters material of organ. 
3, Responsible for affair information work of policy (society) of organ. 
4, Responsible for the propaganda report of organ. 
5, Responsible for the organizations and affairs jobs on NBSMC's conference and meeting. 
6, Responsible for NBSMC organ documents treatment, official document exchanging, document printing and facsimile, document archives, secret management, etc. Guide of archives-group of document of affiliated unit 
7, Responsible for NBSMC organ daily administrative affairs work, bear administration receive. The organ vehicle manages organ's security and arrangement on duty, sanitation and clean, daily office supplies & purchasing, handle official business such work as the equipment maintenance and management, etc. 
8, Responsible for house property manage housing reform and rent take over management work of NBSMC organ. 
9, Responsible for welfare arranging and dining room manage of NBSMC organ. 
10, Undertake other work ordered by NBSMC's director.
Leader: Wu Jianyu
Contact information:
Address: No. 315000, honest alley, No. 66, Haishu District, Ningbo, 404
Tel: 0574-89181566 Fax: 0574-87195821 email: office@ningbo.gov.cn Political Division (handle official affairs jointly with Party Committee of NBSMC)
Main duty: 
1, assist Party Committee of NBSMC to manage daily party work and party committee of the institution of the organ to work. Guide the Party organization of affiliated unit and strengthen the Party-building; Investigate the target of developing, handle and join the party to examine and approve, organize inner-party education, undertake such work as united front, affairs concerning nationals living abroad, etc. 
2, Responsible for mechanism of organizations, personnel and cadre's management of NBSMC’s organ and subordinate unit. Manage the cadre of affiliated unit according to the authority; Organize organ's staff members to investigate, examine, appoint and remove; Investigate, select and appoint NBSMC’s assets represent suitable person to holding enterprise, select and train reserve cadre of department level of NBSMC organ, management work for personal of going abroad (border), etc.
3, Responsible for working & Personnel. Undertake such managements as salary, medical insurance of organ’s staff member and subordinate public institution, etc.; Instruct enterprise's work recruitment and reemployment work, appropriate " 3 lift " funds in time; Guide enterprises to introduce university and college graduate’s, and settle cadres as armed forces turning local, etc.
4, Responsible for discipline inspection's working. Organize education of party discipline and clean government, superintend and check the responsibility system implement of the Party conduct. Investigate and prosecute the incident of violating discipline in the responsibility range, cooperate with higher authorities to carry on the work. 
5, Responsible for securities superintend and check, instruct affiliated unit for safeguard and production safety and comprehensive administration work, take precautions against various kinds of accidents, attack the crime, implement the safety in production, safeguard social security and stability, cooperate with the traffic police to strengthen the management to the driver of the affiliated unit. 
6, Responsible for propagating educational work. Take on centre group's theory study secretary of Party Committee of NBSMC and make the study-plan and guide the political theory study of affiliated unit. Organize the activity of establishing civilization organ. , Guide the affiliated unit to develop a series of spiritual civilization activities such as establishing civilization-city and civilization-unit, etc. Organize and guide job-training and all kinds of study training, on-the-job education of this systematic worker organize to declare and exam and evaluate on all kinds of the elementary-grade professional title, and make the continuance-educating work for professional and technical personnel.
7, Responsible for the service and manage work to NBSMC organ's Leave-Retired cadre, guide and coordinate the work of cadres of Leave-Retired cadre of affiliated unit. 
8, Responsible for the treatment for the letters and visits from the masses. Receive the letters and the people, undertake and deal with such work as the letter from the masses that the related departments make comments or give instructions on and transmit (a document or report), etc. 
9, Responsible for managements to the groups of Trade Union and Youth League and Women's Federation, etc., guide the groups of organizations of affiliated unit to launch the normal job. 
10, Responsible for such statistical work of relevant report & forms as labor wage, cadre, planning- parenting, etc and personal file management.
11, Undertake other work ordered by director.
Leader: Wang Xuexing
Contact information:
Address: No. 315000, honest alley, No. 66, Haishu District, Ningbo, 313
Tel: 0574-89181575 Fax: 0574-87195821 email: gxszzc@ningbo.gov.cn Board of supervisors Office
Main duty: 
1. Coordinate the affairs of the board of supervisors, and be responsible for drafting and meeting the relevant documents of the board of supervisors;
2, understand and reflect on the Council "Ningbo City Federation of supply and marketing cooperatives statute", Congress resolution and the relevant laws and regulations, the implementation of the policy, and the completion of the city, the municipal government arranged various economic and social tasks;
3. To understand and reflect the opinions and suggestions of the supervisors on the work of the supply and marketing cooperatives in the whole city, and to be responsible for letters and visits from the cadres and workers of the local supply and marketing cooperatives to the board of supervisors;
4, in conjunction with the relevant departments to supervise and inspect the property preservation and appreciation of our society, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of our society;
5, the steering company has the construction of enterprise supervisory committee; 6, undertake the other work assigned by the City Association and other departments at the higher level.
Person in charge: Tian Qilang
Contact information:
Address: No. 206, No. two, honest alley, No. 66, Haishu District, Ningbo, China: 315000
Tel: 0574-89181584 Fax: 0574-87195821 email: gxsjdts@ningbo.gov.cn Financial-Auditing division (Management Offices of NBSMC Assets) 
Main duty: 
1, Responsible for the financial administration and use of funds and check and calculate of NBSMC’s organ, guide the financial administration of affiliated unit, coordinate the relation with such departments as the property tax and bank, etc. 
2, Responsible for supervision and management of NBSMC's assets operating at city level, ensure the assets to maintain and increase prevent the assets from having losses. Propose the annual examination goal to affiliated enterprises in time, examine the method and examine the suggestion. 
3, Responsible for the financial audit work of the affiliated unit. 
4, Responsible for instructing this systematic financial accountant work, organize accounting personnel's training to examine such relevant policies and regulations as financial affairs, accountant, auditing, etc., the janitors of the file, information exchange, and organize the accountants work of collecting the NBSMC’s counts and report forms in basic unit of the system, subordinate unit and county (municipal or district), etc.
5, Responsible for the assets of enterprises reform-system to clear up, such jobs as the financial affairs are handled. 
6, Undertake other work ordered by director.
Leader: Yu Shanhong
Contact information:
Address: No. 315000, honest alley, No. 66, Haishu District, Ningbo, 306
Tel: 0574-89181571 Fax: 0574-87195821 email: gxscwsjc@ningbo.gov.cn  Economic Development Division
Main duty 
1, Responsible for discussing and making the development strategy and development plan of NBSMC. 
2, Responsible for carrying out the policy of national relevant important on agricultural means of goods and purchasing and selling of agricultural product. 
3, Responsible for organizing and coordinating the supply of the agricultural means of goods and various agricultural services.
4, Organize the reserves of the important agricultural means of goods and agricultural byproducts and disaster relief supplies. 
5, Responsible for doing management well of renewable resources and fireworks firecracker. 
6, Responsible for guiding such operational activities as trade and business, industry, science and technology, foreign trade and economic cooperation of the commune-managed enterprise and basic unit etc. Promote the interflow of commodities in urban and rural areas, open up the rural market. 
7, Responsible for guidance and move forward the industrialization of agricultural managing in SMC system. 
8, Responsible for guiding such work as the capital construction, poverty alleviation in the system, combating a natural disaster to provide disaster relief etc. Help affiliated unit do a series of management of construction project well, real estate transfer ownership, pull down linking up, coordination work compensated for; Coordinate SMC office do well organ's house property maintain and work. 
9, Responsible for the management and statistical report form work of the business, industry, foreign trade and economic, capital construction, etc. and the management of the price and measures and quality, coordinate the engineering of linking up with the related departments of higher level to pretend, organize the training and information interchange of the job of relevant personnel. 
10, Undertake other work ordered by director.
Leader: Lang Wenqin
Contact information:
Address: No. 201, No. two, honest alley, No. 66, Haishu District, Ningbo, China: 315000
Tel: 0574-89181580 Fax: 0574-87195821 email: gxsjjfzc@ningbo.gov.cn Cooperate - Guiding Division
Main duty
1, Responsible for propagating higher authorities' principles and policies about rural economic work. 
2, Responsible for participating in coordinating to adjust the overall arrangement of the cooperative economic organization of the whole city. Discuss and make the development plan of the cooperative organization of the supply and marketing of the whole city, and instruct the supply and marketing cooperative to reform. 
3, Responsible for guiding the system cooperative cause developing and organizational building at the basic level of supply and marketing cooperative of the whole city. The adjustment of the organization, advance the reorganization and transformation of the basic unit. Participate in organizing and setting up various kinds of professional cooperative societies and professional associations in the countryside. 
4, Responsible for guiding the construction of spiritual civilization of the whole system, the ideological and political work and the educating of law dissemination; Undertake such work as examining, advanced personage's evaluating and economic law training, etc. in the system. 
5, Responsible for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests to the cooperative organization of supply and marketing and enterprises and institutions, professional legitimate rights and interests of cooperative economic organization and all members at all levels. 
6, Responsible for organizing exchange activity during the economic organization of cooperation. 
7, Responsible for coordinating such work as industrial and commercial registration, annual check, trade mark registration, application for patent etc.
8, Responsible for economic theoretical research and yearbook solicit contributions and work in the organize system of supply and marketing cooperation.
9, Responsible for handle the Motion & Proposal passed by National People's Congress and CPPCC’s.
10, Undertake other work ordered by director.
Leader: Wang Luming
Contact information:
Address: No. 211, No. two, honest alley, No. 66, Haishu District, Ningbo, China: 315000
Tel: 0574-89181585 Fax: 0574-87195821 email: gxshzzdc@ningbo.gov.cn

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