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Supply and marketing cooperatives in Ningbo city was established in March 21, 1950, 2002 was identified as the municipal government affiliated institutions and public management staff of 27 people. Office office, political office, financial audit office, economic development office and cooperation guidance office are five (room). Currently, there are 7 members of the leading group, 3 inspectors and 1 deputy inspectors. Subordinate independent institutions 1 (city of supply and marketing cooperatives training center), staff of 15 people. The city community level, the existing 8 county supply and marketing cooperatives, 2009 to complete the "three" and "public participation". At present, the city agency (Ningbo supply and Marketing Group Ltd., founded in December 27, 2013, changes to the original collective legal person of the enterprise and the supply and marketing cooperatives) subordinate enterprises are mainly asset management companies, agricultural companies, agricultural supply and marketing channel of Guarantee Corporation, the electricity supplier companies, business development Corporation, the new No. two bridge market, Hai Tian holding group so, the total assets of 2 billion 652 million yuan, equity 762 million yuan.
As of the end of 2016, the whole system consists of 115 basic units, Lingban, ginseng do 553 farmer cooperatives, village integrated service chain operation 774, 2358 outlets, 110 types of corporate enterprises. The total assets of the city's system is 10 billion 727 million yuan, and the owner's equity is 3 billion 531 million yuan. In 2016, the system achieved a total sales of 26 billion 216 million yuan, an aggregate profit of 102 million 330 thousand yuan.

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