Why did the leadership pay attention to this rural cooperative village comprehensive service cooperative?

On April 17, Chen Shusheng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Council of Municipal Supply and Marketing Societies, Cui Cunshi, deputy director of the Council of Municipal Supply and Marketing Societies, went to Luting Township, Yuyao, to conduct a special survey on the construction of Luting Township Agricultural Union Village Comprehensive Service Co-operatives. Ltd. and on-the-spot inspected Luting Luting Township Agricultural Union Zhongcun Service Co., Ltd. and Zhongcun Rich Peasant Service Co., Ltd The situation and the development of local industries and the increase of farmers'income.

Chen Shusheng (second from left) and Cui Cunshi (third from left) inquired about the sales of Luting fans in Zhongcun Service Club

Luting Rural Federation of Agricultural Associations has been exploring a new way to build a comprehensive service cooperative for rural cooperatives since 2017. In the process of construction, three characteristics have been highlighted: First, the leadership of Party building. The government of Luting Township Party Committee attaches great importance to the construction of comprehensive service cooperatives in rural cooperatives. The Secretary of the township Party Committee serves as the leader of the construction leading group of rural cooperatives, establishes and improves the working mechanism of rural cooperatives. The Secretary of the village branch serves as the director of the village comprehensive service cooperatives and the director of the village committee serves as the vice-director of the village comprehensive service cooperatives. Service Society Development. Second, to build and share. In order to make the village comprehensive service cooperative really build and operate well, Yuyao supply and marketing cooperative has provided 25,000 yuan for decoration, Luting Township Government has given 20,000 yuan annual operating funds and 4 yuan per unit express subsidy (lasting three years), village collective free service sites and water and electricity fees, Shunfeng Express Company provides free computer, printer and other equipment, and Yuyao farmers and merchants. The bank provides free access equipment and staff members with a monthly base salary and commission. Yuyao Supply and Marketing E-commerce Company provides free e-commerce marketing services for agricultural products. People's Insurance Company provides quality insurance for local agricultural products. Lianchang acts as permanent staff. Third, the industry is rich in peasants. While providing basic public services such as logistics, finance, insurance and e-commerce for local residents, the village comprehensive service cooperative relies on local special agricultural industries and tourism resources such as sweet potato fans, dried bamboo shoots and Dendrobium candidum, develops new industries such as brand agriculture, rural tourism and e-commerce for agricultural products, organizes special marketing activities to promote "Luting fans" and purchases bamboo shoot drying equipment to solve bamboo shoots. Looking at the problems in the sun, we will build service agencies into the links of integration of agriculture and tourism, online and offline interaction, to promote agricultural efficiency and increase farmers'income. Practical exploration in the past two years has achieved good results: first, farmers'income has increased. By providing services such as bamboo shoot drying, baking and purchasing, Zhongcun Rich Peasant Service Co., Ltd. has raised the income of selling spring bamboo shoots from 0.6 yuan per catty to more than 18 yuan per catty, and increased the income of farmers in the whole village by more than 1 million yuan per year. Second, the industry has developed. In 2018, Luting fans achieved sales of more than 5 million yuan, forming a "fan economy" in Luting, which effectively promoted the employment of residents and the development of characteristic industries. Third, the level of public service has been improved. While developing the rural tourism industry, the public environmental health has improved significantly. In the village comprehensive service cooperatives, logistics, finance, e-commerce and other services "one-stop" delivery has significantly improved the level of local public services.

New Bamboo Shoot Silk Drying Equipment in Luting Township

After visiting and discussing, Chen Shusheng emphasized that the construction of the "Trinity" Agricultural Union is a proposition written by General Secretary Xi Jinping personally, which is of great significance and urgent task and must be done well. Agricultural Federation is a platform for serving agriculture under the leadership of the Party Committee and the government. Whether it has vitality depends on whether it considers the fundamental interests of farmers, whether it integrates farmers and resources serving agriculture, whether it can form a close community of interests with farmers, and ultimately benefit farmers. With the attention and support of the local Party committee and government, Luting Rural Union of Agricultural Cooperative Organizations (LUTING Rural Cooperative Federation) takes measures according to local conditions, develops new ideas, adheres to the problem orientation, keeps a close eye on the goal of helping farmers to increase their income, organically links small farmers with modern agriculture, and leads them to become wealthy and well-off together, with clear development ideas and broad prospects for development. Chen Shusheng suggested that we should speed up the replication and popularization of successful experience, extend the service network of village comprehensive service cooperatives to all administrative villages in Luting Township as soon as possible, and provide more and better experience for the construction of comprehensive service cooperatives in rural cooperatives. Second, we should speed up the gathering of service resources, organize more farmers, integrate more service resources of government departments and service agencies, and do a good job in deepening the articles on "co-construction and sharing". Thirdly, we should do more additions in the development of industrial integration, combine the local industrial characteristics of Luting, innovate and develop brand agriculture + rural tourism + rural e-commerce + technical services, promote the development of multi-industry integration, and expand new ways to increase farmers'income. Fourth, we should further strengthen publicity work, especially in today's widespread use of the Internet. We should attach importance to the use of Internet technology to expand the visibility and reputation of Luting's characteristic industries, help the industry to become rich farmers, and add another fire to the income of Luting residents.

Chen Shusheng and Cui Cunshi Know the Income Increase of Bamboo Shoot and Silk Industry in Farmers'Homes

Zhao Yangjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yuyao Supply and Marketing Society and Director of the Council, and Chen Xiaozhen, Secretary of the Party Committee of Luting Township, accompanied the investigation.

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