"Hand-in-Hand" at the National Conference on Ecological Civilization and Renewable Resources

In order to carry out and implement the overall strategy of ecological civilization of the Party and the state and promote the construction of the pilot project of "non-waste city", the "National Conference on Ecological Civilization and Renewable Resources Industry 2019" sponsored by China Association for Recycling and Utilization of Renewable Resources was held in Kunming, Yunnan Province, from April 16 to 18, 2019.

The theme of this conference is "to help'No waste city', to open a new era of green system construction", to explore the green renewable resources recycling system, mode and technology design under the goal of green transformation and development of cities, and to provide path choice for government planning and cultivating new industrial development mode. More than 400 entrepreneurs, experts, scholars and government leaders from the circular economy industry, renewable resources industry and domestic garbage industry participated in the meeting.

Focusing on the important role of the recycling system of renewable resources in the construction of "non-waste city" and the improvement of quality and efficiency of the renewable resources industry under the new situation, the meeting focused on top-level design and policy coordination, discussed the requirements of green development, constructed the key links of the green recycling system of urban and rural renewable resources and the link with the whole industrial chain, and explored a new path of government management and enterprise compliance and innovation management. 。

The conference focused on the hot issues of industrial policy, industrial chain extension, technological innovation and pain points of the renewable resources industry. Government departments and industry experts such as the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Commerce have interpreted the relevant policies of green manufacturing, green recycling and the requirements of "waste-free city" construction, and explored the key role of policy synergy in the construction of green recycling system of renewable resources.

At this meeting, the focus of the industry chain was the most concerned. Lang Wenqin, Director of Economic Development Department of Ningbo Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Ningbo Supply and Marketing Renewable Resources Science and Technology Co., Ltd., made a brilliant speech on the theme of "Hand-in-Hand" Intelligent Recovery System.

Supported by modern intelligent logistics technology, vehicle networking technology, intelligent Internet of things technology and big data technology of Internet informatization, and under the guidance of the government and the joint efforts of all participants, the "Hand-in-Hand" integrated intelligent recycling system will comprehensively establish a "green and intelligent" recycling system, open up the online and offline recycling industry ecosphere, and create a complete set of re-production. The ecological chain of recycling and utilization of biological resources greatly reduces the amount of landfill incineration waste and solves the problem of the last kilometer of waste recycling.

The "handheld" integrated intelligent recycling system uses "Internet plus big data, intelligent vehicle networking logistics, artificial services + Intelligent Internet of things" technology and services to establish a "green, intelligent, renewable, resource recycling system" of "all category, whole region, integration + public service", which promotes the development of the industry standard and fundamentally solves the problem of recycling and recycling of renewable resources in garbage. To promote the reduction, resource utilization and harmlessness of garbage classification sources, and make garbage classification a "new fashion".

Since November 2018, the "Hand-in-Hand" has set up more than 300 intelligent recycling sites in the city. Besides intelligent recycling box sites, there are also 18 manual service stations and 48 mobile recycling sites. Through the efficient operation of various site modes, the diversification of "manual + intelligent, fixed + mobile" recycling forms has been realized. 。 At present, the construction of recycling system has been promoted throughout the city, including Haishu, Yinzhou, Hi-tech, Jiangbei, Zhenhai, Beilun and Beilun Daxie, and gradually covering the surrounding counties and cities. On the basis of providing various kinds of community temporary storage services, the system also provides large-scale door-to-door booking services in the areas where sorting centers have been built to effectively meet the needs of different groups of people. Up to now, more than 150,000 people have been put into the sales of "Hand-in-Hand Recycling" and more than 680 tons of garbage have been reduced, with remarkable social and environmental benefits.

After listening to Director Lang's share, the participants applauded one after another. In the subsequent exchange session, Ningbo "Hand-in-Hand Recycling" model was taken as a case study to extend the discussion on the theme of green system construction. How to do a good job of garbage classification, Ningbo hands-on undoubtedly to the same industry in the country provides a very valuable new ideas.

It is understood that hand-in-hand recycling will strive to complete the construction of about 2 500 front-end recycling outlets and matching material flow systems and sorting centers by 2020, so as to achieve the regional coverage of urban-rural integration in the whole city; at the same time, in order to speed up the reduction, resource-based and harmless disposal of waste classification, the project will also strive to build a perfect whole industrial chain ecology. To improve the efficiency of renewable resources from the source to the end of the disposal system, the concept of "green + wisdom" of urban development is adopted to add bricks and tiles to the integration of residential garbage classification and two networks and the construction of "waste-free city".

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