During the Lantern Festival, sales of Tangyuan in Ningbo increased nearly nine times over the same period last year

(Ningbo dumplings ready for delivery)

    On the eve of Lantern Festival, Ningbo supply and Marketing Agency jointly launched the Internet promotion of Ningbo Tangyuan with Ningbo's old-fashioned cylinder ducks and dogs. On the basis of fully ensuring the quality of Ningbo Tangyuan products, the two sides produced a special promotional film on Ningbo Tangyuan. Five live webcasts of Ningbo Tangyuan were carried out for the whole country, and off-line parent-child experience activities were carried out to transmit the history and culture of Ningbo Tangyuan from multiple levels and angles. This is the case.

(Parent-child Bao Tangyuan Experience Activity)

    After the warming-up of the previous stage activities, starting from the Spring Festival, sales of Tangyuan in Ningbo have increased rapidly in Taobao, Jingdong, Shanrong and other major channels, as well as in the newly expanded social e-commerce platforms such as gathering micro-stores and Shunfeng Dadang. According to statistics, from February 1 to 17, sales of Tangyuan in Ningbo have reached 7 million yuan, an increase of nearly 9 times over the same period last year. Tangyuan will reach all parts of the country before the Lantern Festival, close to Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, as far as Liaoji, Heihe and Yunguichuan.

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