Secretary Zheng Jiajie inspected the garbage classification work of Red-crowned Crane Community

    On the morning of March 5, 2019, Zheng Gaijie, Deputy Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Secretary of Ningbo Municipal Party Committee, came to Baihe Street Red-crowned Crane Community of Yinzhou District to inspect the community garbage classification work, accompanied by Zhu Yinliang, Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Yinzhou District Committee.

    Red-crowned crane community in Baihe Street is an old community built in the 1980s, but when residents and visitors walk on the streets of the community, it is hard not to be surprised by the tidiness of the red-crowned crane community. It is understood that the red-crowned crane community began to implement garbage classification in August 2015, has been an advanced garbage classification community, walking in the forefront of the country.

    Entering the community, Secretary Zheng and his party went to inspect the overall environment of the red-crowned crane community. Although there are many residents living in the community, the roads in the community are clean and tidy, and it is difficult to find unhealthy phenomena such as litter and personal belongings. There are many vehicles in the community, but they are well parked.

    Subsequently, Secretary Zheng and his delegation visited two temporary garbage sorting sites in the community, as well as innovative facilities and measures for the promotion and service of garbage sorting in the community. They had in-depth exchanges with Huang Jufen, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the community along the way. When he arrived at the garbage house of the Second District of the district, the old man who was using the "Hand-on Intelligent Recycling Tank" at one side caught his attention. At this time, although a sudden shower came, it did not affect Secretary Zheng's enthusiasm for inspection at all. Secretary Zheng went to the old man and carefully watched the whole process of the old man selling recyclable garbage.


    The old man skillfully operated the "Hand-in-Hand Intelligent Recycling Tank" and accurately put the classified waste into the corresponding recycling bin according to the garbage classification rules. Huang Jufen, Secretary of the Communities Party Committee, introduced to Zheng: "Residents can exchange money directly for recyclable garbage through the classification of this intelligent recycling box. Residents in the community do not need to go out of the community to dispose of the available waste at home. After the completion of the project, the equipment seems to grow eyes, and the box is full and will automatically notify the cleaners to collect and transport it in time. Now the old people all welcome this model, let's teach them how to use it.

    Mr. Zheng listened to the staff saying that "waste can be sorted and exchanged for money", and took the initiative to pay attention to the delivery situation on the mobile phone of the elderly. The old man's mobile phone showed that 0.23 kg of recyclable waste plastic was recovered in exchange for 0.18 yuan of resources.


    "You can use it at your age?" Secretary Zheng asked kindly.


    The old man said he had invested more than 60 times and had changed more than 40 yuan altogether.


    After listening, Secretary Zheng raised his thumb to the old man.


    "Very good, more advanced than me."


    Promoting the classification of domestic waste is the inevitable requirement of carrying out the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC and resolutely fighting against pollution. It is also an important way to build beautiful Ningbo and improve the level of urban civilization. It is also a concrete action to promote the implementation of the decision-making and deployment of "Six Struggles, Three Years Up".

    "Hand-in-Hand" has been put into operation since November 2018. Nearly 200 intelligent recycling sites have been set up in the city. Besides intelligent recycling box sites, there are 10 artificial service stations and more than 40 mobile recycling sites. Through the efficient operation of various recycling site modes according to local conditions, the diversification of "manual + intelligent, fixed + mobile" recycling forms has been realized. 。 At present, the construction of recycling system has been promoted throughout the city, including Haishu, Yinzhou, Hi-tech, Jiangbei, Zhenhai, Beilun and Beilun Daxie, and gradually covering the surrounding counties and cities. On the basis of providing various kinds of community temporary storage services, the system also provides large-scale door-to-door booking services in the areas where sorting centers have been built to effectively meet the needs of different groups of people.

    Up to now, more than 60,000 people have been put into the market for "Hand-in-Hand Recycling", and more than 480 tons of garbage have been reduced, with remarkable social and environmental benefits. Follow-up companies will strive to complete the construction of about 2 500 front-end recycling outlets and their matching logistics systems and sorting centers by 2020, so as to achieve the regional coverage of urban-rural integration in the whole city; at the same time, in order to accelerate the reduction, resource-based and harmless disposal of waste classification, the project will strive to upgrade through the construction of a sound ecological system of the whole industrial chain. Renewable resources from the source to the end of the disposal efficiency, with the "green + wisdom" concept of urban development, for residential garbage classification network integration and "waste-free city" to contribute to the construction of a force.

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