Lishui Ningbo Mountain and Sea Co-operation Promotes "Lishui Shannong" Brand Agricultural Products Docking Ningbo Large Market

Wang wellspring (third right) a line of products of agricultural products exhibition center in ningbo (south pond street stores)


      On the afternoon of February 27, Wang Jingquan, general manager of Lishui Agricultural Investment Development Co., Ltd., and his team of seven people came to Ningbo Supply and Marketing Co., Ltd. to coordinate the work of "Lishui Shannong" brand agricultural products docking Ningbo market and Lishui Ningbo Shanhai Co-operation. Zhang Zhanying, member of the Party Committee of Ningbo Supply and Marketing Society and Vice Director of the Board of Directors of Ningbo Supply and Marketing Cooperative Guidance Office, Ningbo Supply and Marketing E-commerce Company, Yinzhou Agricultural Products Exhibition and Marketing Center, Ningbo Famous and Excellent Agricultural Products Exhibition and Marketing Center (Nantang Old Street Shop) and other units held a group discussion with General Manager Wang to discuss in-depth the idea of promoting the marketing cooperation of "Lishui Shannong" brand agricultural products in Ningbo market, We will lay a solid foundation for further cooperation.

     Wang Jingquan pointed out that "Lishui Shannong" is a famous and excellent agricultural product regional public brand created by Lishui Municipal Party Committee Government to practice the "two mountains" theory, promote the implementation of Rural Revitalization strategy, and plan for the prosperity of Lishui agricultural industry. After several years'efforts, the brand has covered more than 1000 agricultural products in Lishui. The main body of the brand operation is Lishui Municipal Agricultural Investment Development Co., Ltd. The production lines of fruit, poultry, vegetable and dry goods have been built and put into use. They provide free marketing, pesticide residue detection, exhibition organization, standard application and other service items for member enterprises. They play an increasingly prominent role in strengthening agricultural industry and increasing farmers'income. Wang Jingquan expressed the hope that Ningbo supply and marketing cooperatives would use online and offline sales channels to help the "Lishui Shanyong" brand agricultural products dock with Ningbo's large market, and the two sides would further deepen mountain-sea cooperation.

    Zhang Zhanying highly appraised the development achievements of the "Lishui Shannong" regional public utility brand in recent years, and hoped that both sides would strengthen learning and learn from each other. Zhang Zhanying pointed out that Ningbo supply and marketing cooperatives have done a lot of work around the implementation of the Rural Revitalization strategy. Selling good products at a good price and making farmers'friends benefit is a major focus of the work of supply and marketing cooperatives in serving agriculture. Ningbo Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperatives adhere to two-legged approach in promoting agricultural products sales. One is to strengthen online e-commerce services for agricultural products. Ningbo Municipal Platform has achieved 801 million yuan in agricultural by-products transactions in 2018, which has become an important channel for online agricultural products sales. The other is to vigorously support new agricultural operators and enterprises'social forces to invest in the construction of physical stores for agricultural products exhibition and promotion, and to help counterparts. In terms of collaboration, offline physical stores have provided important support. Eight sales windows have been established. It is believed that the online and offline sales channels of Ningbo Supply and Marketing Cooperatives can work together to provide strong help for Lishui agricultural products to connect with Ningbo's large market. Zhang stressed that the two sides should strengthen practical cooperation, speed up the early landing of cooperation items, let Ningbo citizens taste the "Lishui Shanyong" brand agricultural products earlier, and do their utmost for mountain-sea cooperation.

    After the symposium, Wang Jingquan and his delegation came to Ningbo Famous and Excellent Agricultural Products Exhibition and Marketing Center (Nantang Old Street Shop). They inspected the commodity characteristics and market positioning of the store on the spot, exchanged in depth with the head of the store, and discussed the marketing of agricultural products in Lishui.


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